My Retirement, My Life

    2018/ Length: 109min/ Family, Drama/ Release: 2018 November 9th
    Michitaro Sano (Age 60) is a single father who’s just retired, who’s trying his best to handle chores for the first time in his life, and build a place for himself in the local community. His wife passed away 18 years ago, and he thought he had a good relationship with his daughter, whom he lived with at home…But on the day of his retirement, she hands him an apron and demands he start doing chores. He’s also shocked to find out that his daughter has a lover. He has no idea how to handle the “freedom” he has now that he’s retired, but by chance, he starts to do radio calisthenics with a local group. There he meets a whole new group of unique and fascinating people: the president of the radio calisthenics club, local children, neighbors, and the pretty lady at the club whom everyone loves. A whole new world begins to open itself to him…No matter how old you get, and even after you’ve lost your job title, you can still become happy by opening your heart!

  • Anoko no Toriko

    2018/ Length: 99min/ Romance/ Release: 2018 October 5th
    Yori Suzuki is a plain, ordinary-looking high school boy who transfers to a Tokyo high school where he’s reunited with his first love, Shizuku Tachibana.
    Shizuku is working hard to make her dream of becoming an actress come true, and Yori falls in love with her all over again. Before long, he becomes her assistant. On the day of her shoot for a lingerie ad, Shizuku’s co-star, popular actor Subaru Tojo, has to leave due to his schedule. Shizuku is almost removed from the project, but to save her, Yori agrees to take Subaru’s place.
    The ad becomes a hit, and changes Yori, Shizuku, and Subaru’s future. Subaru finally tells Shizuku he loves her, and requests her to costar in a romance movie he’s filming. Yori is conflicted about this, but is chosen to star in an arthouse film as well. Yori and Shizuku begin to drift apart as they get closer to their dreams… And then Subaru brings Yori to meet him, and tells him, “I’ll never give you Shizuku”.
    It’s a declaration of war. Yori, no longer able to control his feelings for Shizuku, makes a reckless challenge to Subaru. What will become of these three childhood friends, and their complicated, interwoven dreams and loves?
    ©2018 白石ユキ/小学館・「あのコの、トリコ。」製作委員会



    2018/ Length: 137min/ Drama/ Release: 2018 September 14th
    42-year old loser Iwao Shishido screws up his one shot at love, and leaves home to go to the Philippines. He uses the 3 million yen he’s saved up over the course of years to join a tour to find a bride. After meeting with 30 local women one after another he goes into a panic and finally picks one, mostly at random. The girl he picks is a Filipino named Irene, who was born in a poor fishing village. Two weeks after Iwao’s sudden departure, he comes back to find his father Genzo dead, and his family in the middle of the funeral. The young Irene is revealed to a crowd of murmuring mourners. When Tsuru hears that her only son, who’s gone his entire life without ever being in love, has married a girl she’s never met, she becomes infuriated. She grabs the family’s hunting rifle and points its gleaming barrel at Irene…!
    ©2018 "COME ON IRENE" Film Partners

  • My Dad is a Heel Wrestler

    2018/ Length: 110min / Family, Drama/ Release: 2018 September
    “Daddy’s job is to be a bad guy wrestler. At first, I was shocked…” Shota sneaks into his dad’s car to follow him to find out “What Daddy Does” to write for school. Then Shota sees for the first time that his dad, Takashi, was, in fact, the villain wrestler “Cockroach Mask”. Ashamed Shota asks Takashi to quit his job, but Takashi says “If there’s no bad guys, the heroes don’t shine, right?” But Shota is ashamed to tell anyone about what his dad does because all of his friends at school dislike Cockroach Mask. A heartwarming family drama for all working daddies, and all their families!


    Tenshi ja nai! (Working Title)

    2018/ Length: Part1- 82min, Part2- 82min/ Romantic comedy, Sexy/ Release: Part1- 2018 April 14th, Part2- 2018 April 15th
    Bullied, virgin high school student Hitori Okada finds himself visited not by an angel, but by a devil named Seere. Seere is still an apprentice devil, and to finish her apprenticeship she must grant a human’s wish. But in exchange for granting that wish, she will steal something dear to that human. Hitori’s wish is to go on a date with his classmate Aimi, and Seele tries to help him, but… The first part of a sexy romantic comedy depicting the first love of a human and a devil.
    ©岡田和人(秋田書店)2002 ©2018「天使じゃないッ!」製作委員会



    2018/ Length: 105min/ School Life, Romance/ Release: 2018 March 31st
    Nao Kogure is a high school student who lost her parents at a young age, and who was raised by her gentle uncle Sousuke. She’s a scared-cat and socially awkward, and terrified of delinquents! On the first day of school, she sees a fight between a new kid and an upperclassman. The new kid is Taiga Onise, a “super-delinquent” who has bright red hair and a nasty glare. One day, Taiga calls Nao out behind the gym. She goes, terrified...But instead of hurting her, he suddenly proposes saying, “Please date me, and then we can get married!” Nao is secretly in love with her uncle, Sousuke, but she’s too scared to refuse, so they begin to date. And then she gradually comes to realize that despite his reputation and looks, he’s actually twice as kind and pure as anyone else…For the first time, she feels… love? Nao is overwhelmed with these new feelings.
    ©Amu Meguro/SHUEISHA ©2018 honey Film Partners


    Thicker Than Water

    2018/ Length: 103min/ Drama, Family/ Release: 2018 February 10th
    Kazunari, a clean-cut and likable young man, is a salesperson at a printing company. His calm and peaceful life is disturbed when his older brother, Takushi, comes to visit all of a sudden. Takushi is a typical troublemaker who was just released from jail after serving time for robbery. Kazunari is sick of his older brother but can’t reject him out of fear. At a printing factory where Kazunari regularly uses for his clients, there is another pair of siblings who are completely unlike each other. Yuria is a smart, hardworking lady who took over the factory from her father. She is secretly in love with Kazunari but unable to tell her feelings because of her ugly look. Yuria has a younger sister Mako, who is empty-headed but very attractive. Their relationship gets deteriorated when Mako starts dating Kazunari. When these two pairs of cat-and-dog siblings meet, their twisted relationships worsen even further…


    Hold On, Baseball Team!

    2018/ Length: 76min/ Comedy, School, Slice of Life/ Release: 2018 January 27th
    The baseball team at Shingen Prefectural High School is neither strong nor weak, it’s Japan’s most peaceful team. The last summer for the seniors is over, and Obori, Akimoto, Miyata and the other freshman left behind now begin their new lives with the rest of the team. The three spend their days in class, and doing the grunt work that freshman players are expected to do. One day, Obori flunks a test, which means he’s in big trouble! If he fails the make-up test, he won’t be able to go on the baseball team’s trip! Will Obori, the dumbest kid on the team, be able to pass his exam and go on the trip?
    © 2017 Takana Yukue・Shinchosha/ "Hold On, Baseball Team!" Film Partners


    The Many Faces of Ito

    2018/ Length: 126min/ Mystery, Romance/ Release: 2018 January 12th
    Rio Yazaki, a scriptwriter, created the smash-hit, now legendary TV show five years ago. Since then, however, she has been unable to produce a story of equal popularity. Determined to recreate her former success, she will do anything to return to the former glory days of her career. One day, “Let’s Love Like A Heroine,” a book containing the TV show, goes on sale. In conjunction, a “romance consultation” promotional talk show is held. She goes over the answers to questioners given out during the show. However, four women seem to show something in common. They all refer to a man named “Mr. Ito.” Could this be a coincidence? Using the results of the romance consultation, Rio begins to pen a new TV drama. As she writes, she begins to suspect that the Mr. Ito the women refer to is the same person. Who is Mr. Ito and what is he after?
    ©“The Many Faces of Ito” production committee