2016/Length:117min/Drama/Release:2016 December 3rd
    Beautiful Chieko has been raised as the only child of a merchant family in Kyoto but she was a foundling. On the night of the Gion Festival she has an unsettling encounter with a village girl Naeko who looks exactly like her. It turns out they are twins. Despite mutual attraction and yearning, their different upbringings over so many years prevent them from living together. Remnants of the old capital, various historic scenes and sites in changing seasons are incorporated into this beautifully taken movie.
    ©Kawabata Foundation/Koto Project


    Kyokasyo ni nai!

    2016/ Length: Part1- 75min, Part2- 78min/ Romantic comedy, Sexy/ Release: 2016 June 18th
    High school teacher Arihiko Tairaku is on his way home with a fellow teacher Yayoi whom he has a crush on. He finds a girl , Aya, and scolds her for smoking to show off to Satsuki. But somehow the girl takes a shine to him and ends up transferring to the school where he teaches. Aya even tries to move in with Tairaku, and angry Tairaku goes to see her father. However, Aya turns out to be a daughter of a Yakuza boss, and he is made to promise to keep her safe for three years at high school. If Tairaku fails to protect Aya, he will be murdered by her father. Aya and Tairaku's thrilling and affectionate cohabitation begins in this sexy and romantic school comedy.
    ©Kazuto Okada(YOUNG CHAMPION) ©2016 KYOKASYO-NI-NAI! Film Partners


    Her Love Boils Bathwater

    2016/Length: 125min/Drama, Family/ Release: 2016 October 29th
    Futaba closed a public bathhouse ("sento") for business after her husband disappeared suddenly. She lives with her daughter Azumi who suffers from bullying at her school. One day, Futaba finds out she is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Without telling her daughter, Futaba gives herself four important duties to fulfill before she dies:1) to bring her husband and reopen a public bathhouse, 2) to make her daughter more independent, 3) to introduce someone important to her daughter, and the fourth is a secret she has been keeping for a long time.
    ©“Her Love Boils Bathwater” Film Partners

  • Gold Medal Man

    2016/Length: about108min/Comedy/ Release: 2016 October 22th
    A boy is born in 1964, the year that people are in a tidal wave of enthusiasm of Tokyo Olympics. His name is Senichi Akita. He realizes the happiness of achievement when he wins at a running race in an elementary school, and he keeps making efforts and wins at various competitions such as painting, calligraphy, fire starting and fish grasping. People starts calling him as a 〝gold medal man in Shiojiri″. However, it is only a beginning of his roller coaster life…
    ©2016 "Kinmedaru Otoko" Production Committee

  • MARS

    2016/Length: 98min/Drama, Romance/Theatical Release: 2016 June 18th
    Rei and Kira have a miraculous encounter at sea. The two, who carry emotional scars from the past, fall in love with each other. Then, a mysterious new student Makio transfers to their school. Makio appears to be sympathetic to Rei and Kira at first, but in reality he obsesses over Rei due to a certain emotion towards him. Makio's feeling is so pure that it transforms into a cruel love, which is about to bring a shocking end to Rei and Kira's fate.

  • HK2: The Abnormal Crisis

    2016/Length: 118min/Superhero, Action / Theatical Release: 2016 May 14th
    Hentai Kamen is the hero defeats evil with the power from the excitement of wearing panties. The media has been reporting the news every day that all panties are disappearing, but Kyosuke continues wearing Aiko's panties and defeating evil. Aiko has mixed feelings and asks him to return her panties, and their feelings gradually become out of sync. In the unprecedented crisis of losing Aiko's affection and all the panties completely vanishing from the world, the most powerful enemy challenges Hentai Kamen.

  • The Black Devil and the White Prince

    2016/Length: 93min/Romance, School Life / Theatical Release: 2016 February 27th
    Yu was a quiet geek at school, but manages to come out of herself and start a new life at a school she transferred to. Her life was full of happiness with her first friends and even first date with everyone's heartthrob, "White Prince”. However, Kurosaki, aka "Black Devil" who is feared by all, demands her unconditional obedience, and Yu is troubled between White Prince and Black Devil.
    ©”The Black Devil and the White Prince” Film Partners


    Chin-yu-ki: The Journey to the West with Farts

    2016/100min/Comedy, Action/Theatical Release: 2016 February 27th
    Genzo, a monk, is on his way to Tianzhu. He happens to stop by at a house and meets an old couple who ask him to rehabilitate an invincibly delinquent boy, Taro Yamada. Genzo seals off Taro's strong magical power, and reluctantly agrees to take him in and travels to Tianzhu together as ill luck would have it. Would the pair be able to reach Tianzhu, or would they not?
    ©Gataro Man / SHUEISHA / Chinyuki Project


    Dokumushi: Toxic Insects

    2016/99min/Survival, Thriller/Theatical Release: 2016 April 9th
    Seven people -men, women and a girl who are completely unrelated- find themselves locked in a disused school. As they awake in a room, a mysterious countdown for the next seven days has already begun in each room.
    ©2016 "DOKUMUSHI" Production Committee © Keito Aida・Michio Yazu/Futabasha・E★EVERYSTAR



    2016/120min/Drama,Love / Theatical Release: 2016 March 19th
    Satoru Fujinuma is a struggling manga artist and he works as a part-timer like many others . That is, as long as his special ability of "revival" does not manifest itself. Convinced that the perpetrator who murdered his mother Sachiko in 2016 is the same one who committed the serial murders in 1998, Satoru travels back and forth between the two eras and faces up to the perpetrator.


    Bloody Chainsaw Girl

    2016/72min/Action,Comedy/Theatical Release: 2016 February 20th
    Geeko Nokomura, who is in a lone struggle to confront her classmate Nero Aoi, who has turned all of their classmates into zombies. To get to her, Geeko cuts down all of her former classmates, and her lonely battle begins.
    ©2016ReiMikamoto,PUBLISHED BY KADOKAWA CORPORATION/VAP all rights reserved.