• Kinkyori Renai

    2014/118mins/Romance/ Theatrical
    Release: October 11th 2014

    Yuni Kururugi (Nana Komatsu) is a smart high school student. She excels in all subjects except for English. A new English teacher begins work at Yuni's high school. His name is Haruka Sakurai (Tomohisa Yamashita) and he is very handsome. Yuni begins to receive one-on-one tutoring from Mr. Haruka Sakurai. Soon, Yuni develops feelings for her teacher and she realizes that she is now in love. Yuni then confesses to her teacher.
    © “Kinkyori Renai” THE MOVIE, FILM PARTNERS Original Story “Kinkyori Renai” by Rin Mikimoto (KODANSHA KC DX) © Rin Mikimoto/KODANSHA All Rights Reserved.

  • Bright Audition

    2014/76mins/Survival action, thriller/
    Theatical Release: May 31st 2014

    Hooked on beautiful bodies…
    Well-known fashion magazines, 'bright' and 'bright homme' hold a joint model audition. Eight youths who survived the documentary elimination showcase themselves and demonstrate model walk in the hope of becoming an exclusive model. A popular model joins in as a judge and the audition warms up, but the atmosphere changes completely when Goda, the editor in chief, begins his greetings. A battle unfolds between the selectors and the selected in the audition movie of a new human race. Who will be selected after all!!
    © 2014 「Bright Audition」Partners


    2014/83mins/Action/ Theatrical Release: January 17th 2015
    Fate or destiny, why do they fight, and what awaits them? Let the life-or-death battle of Sengoku begin! The most powerful agents vs. the craziest armed group The mission to destroy the armed group BLACK BULLET has been launched!
    © 2013 OUENDAN All Rights Reserved.

  • Oh Brother, Oh Sister!

    2014 /114min / Drama, Comedy
    Theatrical Release: October 25th, 2014

    Susumu Onodera, age 33, was living with his big sister Yoriko, age 40.
    One day, they receive a misdelivered letter, and Yoriko suggests delivering the letter directly. Then they meet the receiver, Kaoru, who reminds them of Susumu's ex-girlfriend. Yoriko tries to make him go on a date with Kaoru to get over his ex-girlfriend, but Susumu is too shy and negative with his broken heart.
    Yoriko also has been in love with a salesperson who comes to her store often, but never been able to tell her feeling. As they live their lives like that, in a closed, small society, they finally realize what it really means to truly care for someone when Yoriko is hospitalized all sudden…
    © 2014 "Oh Brother, Oh Sister!" Film Partners

  • Finding the Adolescence

    2014 / 90min / Drama
    Theatrical Release: August 23rd 2014

    Story of "that summer" of the girls is told with beautiful images. Takane and Mika are in the third year at junior high school for girls. The time before Takane and Mika go separate ways to start high school is youthful and dazzling. Girls' innocence, sensitivity and also cruelty, and the brief time when they struggle and get hurt before becoming adults is captured in this wistful but beautiful movie of adolescent girls.
    © SG.F.P

  • A Woman's Holes

    2014 / 95min / Erotic Sci-Fi, Drama Theatrical Release: July 2nd 2014
    In the winter before high school graduation, a meeting is held by the student yearbook production committe. The chairman, Sachiko, asks the teacher in charge, Mr. Fukuda, "Will you make a baby with me?"
    In the meantime, Murata has a secret crush on one of the boy students, and she admires his desk every evening. But this is found out by Kobato Hagimoto who starts training him as her pig. Unable to bear the situation any more, Murata refuses Kobato, but her maddening love towards Murata has already gone out of control.
    © Onna no Ana Film Partners

  • Kotodama -Spiritual Curse-

    2014/ 105min / Horror
    Theatrical Release: May 23rd 2014

    "Gakkou no Kaidan" which sold 2.7 million copies total of the original book and spawned 4 movie series, animations, dramas and games. It triggered a horror boom in 20th century Japan and could be called the origin of Japanese horror. Everyone must have heard the scary stories in school like "Seven mysteries of school," "Hanako-san (Toire no Hanako-san)" and "Kuchisake-onna." There are mysterious episodes that happen in schools where many generations' thoughts and spirits live. Now what is waiting for you after that fear…
    © 2014 GK Film Partners


    2014 / 86min / Zombie, Horror Theatrical Release: May 17th 2014
    A once unwanted rock band instantly forms a cult following after the lead vocalist, KANA, recruits a zombie, TETSUO, as their death metal vocal, the same zombie that killed her former band members, all the while government agents frantically search for their runaway zombie experiment..
    © Dead Banging Film Partners

  • TOKYO LEGENDS I -Horror of Human Hell-

    2014 /70min (5 Stories) / Urban Legends, Horror
    Theatrical Release: June 7th, 2014

    Tokyo Densetsu", the best-selling horror novel which enjoys overwhelming popularity among horror fans, is finally adapted to film! Exquisite omnibus horror!
    There is no ghost in any of the episodes in "Tokyo Densetsu" All horrors are actual experiences in real life. These are the ultimate real horror stories.
    © 2014 "TOKYO LEGENDS" Film Committee

  • TOKYO LEGENDS II - Distorted City of Anomalies-

    2014 /70min (5 Stories) / Urban Legends, Horror
    Theatrical Release: June 7th, 2014

    Tokyo Densetsu", the best-selling horror novel which enjoys overwhelming popularity among horror fans, is finally adapted to film! Exquisite omnibus horror! The person next to you may be the most terrifying thing in the world.
    © 2014 "TOKYO LEGENDS" Film Committee

  • JU-ON -The Beginning of the End-

    2014 / Post Production / Color / Horror
    Theatrical release : June 28th, 2014

    A new series of the scariest Japanese horror movie, "JU-ON".After it swept all over Japan and a number of countries with terror, the series was remade in Hollywood as“The Grudge”in 2004. Its sequel,“The Grudge: Pandemic”was also released in the U.S. in 2006.
    © 2014 "JU-ON - The Beginning of the End -" Production Committee