• Bakaleya High School

    2012 / 92min / Color / Vista / School Drama /
    Theatrical release : October 13, 2013

    Heated battle of the boys for the top! Fierce struggles of the girls for the center stage! Johnny’s Jr and AKB48, the dream combination finally brings the explosive school drama to the big screen!
    © 2012 Bakaleya High School Film Partners

  • It's a Beautiful Life ~IRODORI~

    2012/ 112min / HD / drama, inspired by a true story
    200 million yen business for selling leaves in the countryside of Japan. This is a true story about a miracle that happened in the smallest town on the island of Shikoku.
    © 2012 It’s a Beautiful Life ~IRODORI~ Film Partners


    2012 / Color / HD / 70min x 2 movies / Ninja, Action, Sci-Fi
    Due to the rules of the Ninja, the twin brothers Subaru and Homare are destined to kill each other. One day, Subaru was saved by a Yakuza group, but the army of Ninja was coming after him... An endless battle awaits and their new fate begins!


    2012 / 112min / HD / 5.1ch / Romance, mystery
    A summer romance starts with three intriguing promises.
    © 2012 “SIGNAL” Film Partners


    2012 / 68 min / Vista / 5.1ch / Drama
    A star baseball player Ozaki and drab Imamura who earns his living by thieving, seem to lead separate lives, but they become drawn together by an invisible force. The story with its distinctive humor depicts the warmth towards family, lovers and friends, and the strong will to defy fate.
    © 2007 Kotaro Isaka / Shinchosha
    © 2012 "CHIPS" Film Partners

  • Arakawa Under The Bridge

    2012/ 115min / Color / 35mm / Vista / DTS stereo / Drama, Comedy
    Kou's family mottos is "Never be indebted by anyone". But one day he falls from a bridge into a river, and finds himself indebt to a girl who saved him.
    © Hikaru Nakamura/ SQUARE ENIX・AUTB Partners