• Hameln

    2013 / 138min / Color / G / Drama
    Theatrical Release : September 7, 2013

    A tiny village standing quietly throughout the passage of time with the villagers who lead their lives with dignity are lovingly portrayed.
    © Hameln Film Committee

  • ADA -Re:vengeance-

    2013 / 80min x 2chapters / Color / Vista / Survival, Revenge, Fake documentary Theatrical Release: July 13, 2013
    One day, two girls attack and murder their pupils in a classroom. The only survivor Yuko swears revenge against them, but there were hidden truth behind the incident. The latest and exquisite horror suspense by the director of "The Curse".
    © 「ADA」 Film Partners

  • Crying 100 Times

    2013 / 116min / Color / Romance
    Theatrical Release: June 22, 2013

    Fujii was involved in an accident, and it caused him partial loss of memory. Four years later, he falls in love with Yoshimi and proposes her. Yoshimi asks for 1 year before getting married, but Fujii doesn't realize there are some heartrending secrets in her past.
    © 2013 Kou Nakamura, Shogakukan / Crying 100 Times Film Partners


    2013 / 90min / Color / Superhero, Action
    Theatrical Release: April 6, 2013

    One day, a high school student Kyosuke saves hostage from bank robbers. He accidentaly puts on a pair of panties instead of a hero mask, and the perverted blood inside Kyosuke explodes and transforms him into a superhero (with panty mask). Now the Forbidden Superhero is born!

  • The Last Chance: Diary of Comedians

    2013 / 115min / Color / Drama /
    Theatrical release : March 23, 2013

    Stand-up comedy duo, “Boso Swimmers”, is still waiting for the break after 12 years. They don’t even talk to each other any more, so they start an exchange diary to say things they can not say in persons. Should they continue chasing the dream, or should they give up? Boso Swimmers will bring laughter and tears to many viewers.
    © 2013 "The Last Chance: Diary of Comedians" Film Partners


    2013 / 131min / Color / Vista / Drama /
    Theatrical release : February 2, 2013

    Tsuma and Muko got married shortly after they met. Without knowing each other’s secrets, they began living together. As they get to know and care for each other, they experience the pain of loving each other.
    © 2013 Kanako Nishi・Shogakukan Inc. / Yellow Elephant Film Partners