• The Land of Rain Trees

    2015/108mins/Love Story/ Theatical Release: November 21st, 2015
    Everything started from an unforgettable book that Shin liked when he was in high school. Growing up, he got to know Hitomi who had a blog, which titled “Rain Tree no Kuni” via email, and gradually grew his feelings for her. But there was a secret that Hitomi kept rejecting to meet Shin…
    © 2015 RTNKFP


    JU-ON: The Final Curse

    2015/90mins/Horror/ Theatical Release: June 20th 2015
    The legendary horror series returns with a new collection of fear-filled hauntings as mother and son ghosts Kayako and Toshio take their grudge spawned cruse out on a new set of hapless victims. “Ju-on,” with its seven sequels and three Hollywood remakes, is the most successful horror franchise to come out of Japan. Now, following on the heels of the previous entry, “Ju-on: The Beginning of the End” (2014), “Ju-on: The Final Curse” promises to be the most terrifying film in the Ju-on series yet!
    ©2015 “JU-ON: The Final Curse” Production Committee

  • Piece of Cake

    2015/121mins/Love romance/ Theatical Release: September 5th 2015
    Shino Umemiya, 25 year old. She has so far drifted in life, in romantic relationships and job alike. She can't even keep a house plant without letting it wither. She knows she's got to do something about it. She wants to be a woman who waters plants every day, a woman who nurture relationships, career and house plants. She makes a fresh start and on the night she moves into a new apartment, she meets her new neighbor across the veranda. The moment she sees his smile, a breeze blows through her heart!
    ©2015 George Asakura/SHODENSHA/POC Film Partners


    2015/77mins/Action, survival/ Theatical Release: July 25th 2015
    The catchy melody is unforgettable once heard. The lyrics portray the "reality" of high school girls but at an ultrafast speed, so even a fast talker would find it impossible to keep up with the singing. The original music, "Nosho Sakuretsu Girl", is a smash-hit Vocaloid music that shot up to reach a million hits as soon as it was posted on Niconico video sharing site. The official novel is a bestseller with the total circulation of the series exceeding 450,000 copies. Based on the original music and original work, and double starred by Hinata Kashiwagi (Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku) and Seiko Taketomi, the first-ever live-action film adaptation of Vocaloid music has been created!
    ©2015 Film NOU SHOU SAKURETSU GIRL production committee



    2015/85min/Action, survival/ Theatical Release: July 25th 2015
    Ai (Nana Seino) studies at an all-girls school for the artistically gifted. Praised as a genius by the faculty and used by the administration to attract more students, Ai finds herself at odds with jealous classmates and a teacher who both resents her privileged status and thirsts for her sexually. Ai has been constructing a large, mysterious work of art that holds the answer to what truly lies beyond the veil of the school’s serene image, and to an explosive confrontation that will question your ability to judge the thin line which separates reality from illusion.
    ©2015 Toei Video


    The Ninja War of TORAKAGE

    2015/94mins/Ninja, Action/ Theatical Release: June 20th 2015
    Torakage used to command the fame as 'the most powerful in the world of ninjas', but he left that world six years ago and is now living a peaceful life with his family in a small village. But then his wife and son are taken hostage, and he is sucked into the deadly battle over two 'scrolls' which show the whereabouts of the hidden treasure. Torakage decides to draw his sword again to save his loved ones but he is challenged by highly skillful swordsmen. Who will take possession of the treasure after all, and what is the fate awaiting Torakage?


    2015/71mins/Horror/ Theatical Release: May 23th 2015
    "Senritsu Meikyu" is called the scariest haunted house at Fuji-Q Highland, one of the most famous amusement park in Japan, where as much as 20% of challengers give up and leave in fear. One night after the park closed, 4 groups of visitors were gathered as candidates who volunteer an experience of a maximum version! The first-ever "experienceable" movie where you can feel the world-class fear as if you were in the real haunted house.
    ©2015 Maze of Fear Partnership

  • Till Death Do Us What?

    2015/ 97mins/ Comedy, Drama/ Theatrical Release: May 30th 2015
    Aspiring writer Kota (Kuranosuke Sasaki) finally marries book-loving Yuko (Hiromi Nagasaku) after 17 years since they first met. Shortly afterwards it is discovered that Yuko is pregnant as well as having cancer, and the sweet life of the newly-weds turns into a life of battling illness. Yuko passes away after only 493 days of married life. Yuko, who is supposed to be dead, reappears in front of Kota!
    Before long the feelings which they could not express to each other when Yuko was alive start pouring out..
    ©2015Kawasaki Fu-Fu・Shogakukan/"Fu-Fu Nikki" Production Committee



    2015/ 104mins/ Comedy, Drama/ Theatrical Release: May 16th 2015
    The debt repayment deadline is looming for Naoki who works as a host club escort. He manages to scrape together 10 million yen and throws a celebratory party for his colleagues, but when he wakes up the following afternoon, the money is nowhere to be seen. None of his colleagues at the club has seen such money. It seems it was all a dream. Unless he comes up with the money in the next 12 hours, he will be sent to the bottom of Tokyo Bay. Various characters appear on the scene, his colleagues, the club's female customers who cannot pay their bills, Naoki's father who comes to see him in Tokyo and the debt collector, but none of them are dependable



    2015/72mins/Zombie, Horror, Action Theatrical Release: April 11th, 2015
    Samurai v.s. Zombie- The ultimate Battle Royale begins! Zombies appear all of a sudden in Kyoto during the samurai period. A Samurai warrior, Gesutaro Kuzuyama, unexpectedly meets a zombie during patrol and is bitten by it.
    Around the same time, the merchant of death, Kaufman trading company, which was transporting zombies, learns from an informer that the escaped zombie has been captured by Shinsengumi. So the master assassins are dispatched to destroy the evidence.
    Zombies or Samurai, who will be left standing at the end?
    © 「Samurai of the Dead」Film Partners