The Stand-In Thief

    2017/ Length: 114min/Comedy/ Release: 2017 November 18th
    Hajime is an ex-professional thief. After turning from a life of crime, he’s become a welder and lives happily with Misa, the love of his life. One day, however, Hajime’s past catches up when his former partner in crime threatens to expose his past to Misa unless he pulls off a crime together. With little choice, Hajime breaks into a nearby mansion. After sneaking into the stately mansion, he meets several people. He gets mistaken for “Master of the Mansion”, “The Picture Book Author”, “The Editor” and more. Forced to portray a number of different roles in order to keep his true identity a secret, will he make it out of the mansion safely, and get back to the girlfriend he loves so dearly?
    © 2017 "The Stand-In Thief" Production Committee


    Pumpkin and Mayonnaise

    2017/ Length: 93min/ Romance, Drama/ Release: 2017 November 11th
    Tsuchida lives with her boyfriend Seichi, an aspiring musician who dreams of making it big. To support his goal, Tsuchida secretly works at nightclubs. Seichi, on the other hand, has fallen into a slump and idles about without putting much effort into earning a living. However, when learning how Tsuchida earns money and that she has slept with a customer, he decides to get a job. By chance, Tsuchida runs into Hagio, an ex-boyfriend she has been unable to forget. Clinging to memories of the past, Tsuchida finds herself falling for Hagio once again…
    © Kiriko Nananan/Shodensha,2017 Pumpkin and Mayonnaise Film Partners



    2017/ Length: 99min/ Romance, School/ Release: 2017 November 11th
    An Kishimoto has dedicated six years of her life to archery. She’s the president of the archery club, but she’s not satisfied with the results she’s achieved as the last summer tournament of her high school life comes to an end. Youta Kishimoto has joined her club, and without ever even really practicing, shows off his amazing talents and wins the tournament. An decides to leave the club and make Youta club president. When he finds out, he makes “a certain request” of her…?! “I’ve always been watching you, An.” Youta’s pure love is almost to the point of bursting…Will the two of them ever be together?
    ©2017 Yakko Kaga,SHOGAKUKAN /「MAKE A BOW AND KISS」Film Partners

  • LOVE and LIES

    2017/ Length: 106min/ Romance, Drama/ Release: 2017 October 14th
    In a future Japan, when a government notice arrives, you are no longer allowed to love freely, but the genetic matching system is a huge success, and becomes the standard for happy marriages. Aoi Nisaka is a high school girl who can’t wait the notice. The day before her birthday, her childhood friend Yuto Shima suddenly tells her that he’s in love with her. Aoi doesn’t know how to feel about her childhood friend who is kind and gentle. And then she meets Sosuke Takachiho, the silent and mysterious boy whom the government has selected. She finds herself drawn towards Sosuke, but...
    © Musawo,KODANSHA/Love and Lies Production Committee.All Rights Reserved.


    Moon and Thunder

    2017/ Length: 120min/ Romance, Drama/ Release: 2017 October 7th
    “I will have a normal family and live a decent life.” While contemplating marriage, Yasuko is reunited with Satoru, a son born of her father’s mistress and with whom she spent childhood together for a short while twenty years ago. Satoru, who has been living as a drifter ever since, has come back into Yasuko’s life. Soon, he begins to stir her life up in spite of Yasuko’s wish for a quiet life. One day, Yasuko, along with Satoru, visits her mother and her younger half-sister. It is then she notices that her life, which has until now been a monotonous existence, has begun to undergo rapid change.
    ©2012 Mitsuyo Kakuta/CHUOKORON-SHINSHA,INC.
    ©2017 "Moon and Thunder" PRODUCTION COMMITTEE



    2017/Length:98min/School life/Release:2017 September 1st
    Yukina Toriyama joins a science university after retaking entrance exams a year later. The mood of the university gives her a jolt at the beginning, but she falls in love at first sight with a good-looking heartthrob, senior student Kei. He invites her to join the human-powered flight club which aims to compete in the "Birdman competition". Yukina was supposed to fly with Kei, but she ends up being paired with another senior student who used to be Kei's partner, Sakaba, who is obnoxious and Yankee crazy. The summer with a "secret idol" turns into a summer with a" hated person". The flying summer is about to begin for the three students.
    ©2017 TORI GIRL Film Partners

  • When Will You Return?

    2017/Length:114min/Family Drama/Release: 2017 June 24th
    Tomoko Ashimura, an 81-year old, is awkwardly typing on a PC, recording memories of her late husband, Goro. Suddenly, she is hospitalised due to a minor stroke, and asks her grandson Toru to continue writing her stories on the PC for her. Toru starts typing based on Tomoko's diary, and it reveals the turbulent life of Goro and Tomoko. Goro's work didn't go well and they were poor. Goro once asked for a divorce out of desperation.
    Regardless of the circumstances, Goro led an honest life and Tomoko followed him. When things were tough going, as well as when she was happy, she used to hum a song "When Will You Return?".
    ©2017 "When Will You Return" Production Committee

  • The Dark Maidens

    2017/Length:105min/ School Mystery/Release:2017 April 1st
    Itsumi Shiraishi, the most beautiful and the most charismatic student at Seibo Girls High School has died. She was holding a Lilly of the Valley in her hand. Was it a suicide or murder? A week later after school, six girls are gathered together. Each one of them is rumoured to be the killer. The girls begin readings - in the theme of "About the death of Itsumi Shiraishi".
    ©2017“The Dark Maidens”Film Partners
    ©Rikako Akiyoshi/Futabasha Publishers Ltd. 2013

  • SAGRADA RESET Part1/Part2

    2017/Length:Part1-103min, Part2-125min/Super natural, Fantasy/
    Release:Part1:2017 March 25th, Part2:2017 May 13th

    Almost half of the residents possess some form of special powers in a closed city of Sakurada. Their powers are wide ranging. High school boy Kei Asai has the ability to perfectly remember everything he experiences, while Misora Haruki, who hangs out with Kei a lot, can turn back the time or "reset" the world for a maximum of three days. When the world is reset, Haruki's memory is also reset, but as she always remembers Kei, the two of them together can rewrite the world for a maximum of three days.
    However, Kei and Haruki share a past that can never be restored. It concerns their classmate Sumire Soma - she died as a consequence of a reset two years ago. As Kei meets with various gifted people in Sakurada, she begins to wonder if Soma can be brought back by combining their powers.
    ©2017"SAGRADA RESET"Film Partners


    2017/Length:109min/Youth, Love Story/Release: 2017 February 25th
    Nino falls in love with Kira, a heartthrob of the whole class. Introverted Nino finds it hard to interact with people, but when she learns Kira's secret, the two quickly become close. Though uncertain about the new feeling she is experiencing, Nino does her best to make Kira smile, despite his big secret. What will happen to Nino's first love? Their invaluable "365 days" have begun, joined by class mate Yabe and Kira's childhood friend Rei.Kira, I want to be with you forever.
    ©2017?CLOSEST LOVE TO HEAVEN" Film Partners



    2015&2017/Length: Part1- 75min, Part2- 77min, Part3- 78min, Part4- 73min/Romance, Comedy, Sexy/Release: Part1- 2015, Part2- 2015, Part3- 2017, Part4- 2017
    Hideo Aiba is a reserved and shy high school student. He falls in love when he first saw a pretty transferred student, Kurumi, who joined not only his class but also his social activity. Can Hideo win her heart? And where will they end up to?
    Part1&2: ©Kazuto Okada(AKITA PUBLISHING) 2006 ©2015「Sundome」Film Partners
    Part3&4: ©Kazuto Okada(AKITA PUBLISHING) 2006 ©2017「Sundome New」Film Partners