Goblin Slayer

    2018 October/ TV series 30min×12eps / Fantasy, Action
    I’m not interested in saving the world. I only want to kill goblins. In a guild on the outskirts of civilization, there’s an adventurer who’s risen to silver rank (the third highest) doing nothing but slaying goblins…A new adventurer priestess find herself in trouble in her first party. The man who saves her is the man they call the Goblin Slayer...He’ll do whatever it takes and go to any lengths to kill goblins. The priestess who’s dragged along with him, the guild girl who’s grateful to him, the cow girl who’s his childhood friend…And then an elf girl hears the rumors and comes to give him a job...
    ©Kumo Kagyu・SB Creative Corp./Goblin Slayer Project.


    IRODUKU:The World in Colors

    2018 October/ TV series 30min×13eps / Fantasy, Adventure, Original Story
    Hitomi Tsukishiro is a 17 year old girl. She is the last descendant of a family of wizards. When she was young, she lost her sense of sight and the ability to express her emotions. Her grandmother, arch-wizard Kohaku Tsukishiro, decides to send her back to the year 2018 in hopes that it will help her. One day, though, she sees a splash of brilliant color in the corner of her eye…
    © IRODUKU:The World in Colors Project


    Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood.

    2018 October/ TV series 30min×12eps / Fantasy, Comedy, Slice of Life
    Akari Amano is saved by chance by a vampire girl named Sophie Twilight. Akari takes a liking to Sophie at first sight and barges into her house to live with her. Sophie is a vampire, but she doesn’t attack people. Instead she leads the life of a modern girl, buying blood and anime merchandise (her hobby) online. A live-in vampire comedy with a modern twist!
    ©AMATOU・KADOKAWA CORPORATION/Ms.Vampire Who lives in my neighbourhood


    Merc StoriA : The Apathetic Boy and the Girl in a Bottle

    2018 October/ TV series 30min×12eps / Fantasy, Adventure
    In this world, humans and monsters co-exist. Sometimes their interests collide, and it's the job of beings called Clerics to guide them with the power of healing. The story begins like any hero's tale, except is his heroine is trapped in a bottle! What will become of our hero, an apprentice cleric who sets out on a journey to help his bottled friend "Merc"? -This is yet another story of a journey to regain lost memories, told by a lethargic healer and a mysterious girl in a bottle. Will their story end like every other story, or in a way you never expect?!
    ©Happy Elements K.K/Merc StoriA Animation Partners


    DOREIKU The Animation

    2018 April/ TV series 30min×12eps / Thriller, Suspense
    24 people enter a survival game. Each has a device called an SCM (slave control method), which can make their opponent into their slave. Each person has their own reason for participating in the game.
    ©Hiroto Oishi,Shinichi Okada/Futabasha,Everystar/DOREIKU The Animation


    SERVAMP THE MOVIE Alice in the Garden

    2018/ Length: 70min/ Vampire, Action, Fantasy, Theatrical Animation/ Theatical Release: 2018 Apr 7th
    A high school student Mahiru finds a black stray cat, and name it "Kuro". But Kuro was not an ordinary cat… it was "SERVAMP", a vampire who becomes a servant of a human. Mahiru unintentionally became Kuro’s master, and Kuro obeys Mahiru’s orders by drinking Mahiru’s blood. Mahiru is now involved in a battle between vampires…


    MAQUIA: When the Promised Flower Blooms

    2018/ Length: 115min/ Fantasy, Drama, Theatrical Animation/ Theatical Release: 2018 Feb 24th
    The people of Iorph live for centuries, yet maintain the appearance they had in their late teens, and are known as “The Clan of Partings” and treated as a living legend. Maquia, an orphaned Iorph girl, lives her life peacefully surrounded by friends, but somehow feels “alone”. But the peaceful lives of the Iorph are shattered in an instant when the Mezarte army. Maquia manages to escape, but loses her friends and her home…As she wanders through a dark forest with an empty heart, she encounters a baby who is “alone”, after just having lost its parents. Ariel grows into a young boy. As the era changes, the bond between them changes too. This is a story of irreplaceable time, woven by two people who are alone.


    The Ryuo's Work is Never Done!

    2018 January/ TV series 30min×12eps/ Comedy, Game
    Yaichi Kuzuryu is a 16 year old boy who has become the Ryuo, a title given to the winner of a professional Shogi(=Japanese chess) tournament. Overcome by the pressures of his title, he’s become badly depressed. One day, he meets a young girl outside his home named Ai Hinatsuru, who would like to be his student as he promised. He tried to refuse at the beginning, but he’s shocked by her talent at Shogi, and at the suggestion of his teacher agrees to take her on as a student. While teaching her, he gradually grows and overcomes his internal opposition.
    ©Shirow Shiratori・SB Creative Corp./ryuo no oshigoto Project


    Mitsuboshi Colors

    2018 January/ TV series 30min×12eps/ Comedy, Slice of Life
    Three young girls, inside a secret base hidden in an Ueno park… They’re “the Colors” which are the heroes that protect Ueno! Yui, Sacchan, and Kotoha work day and night (Just kidding, they go home at sunset!) to keep Ueno safe!