• Hanayakanari Waga Ichizoku Kinetographe

    2012 / OVA / 50min x 2eps / Color / HD / Drama, Romance / Theatrical release : First episode in November 2012 / Second Episode in February 2013
    Haru, a daughter from a deprived background, is hired as a new maid at the MIyanomori household, one of the most flamboyant families during Taisho era. While confused about everything, Haru tries her best to get through despite a series of mistakes.
    © 2012 IDEA FACTORY / ichicolumn inc. / Hanayaka Partners


    2012 / 30min x 12eps / TV series / Survival game, Action
    Ryota finds himself on a remote island and realizes he and others have been taken there to kill each other, just like his favorite online game "BTOOOM!" A desperate survival game unfolds for no apparent reason!
    © Junya Inoue / SHINCHOSHA, BTOOOM! partners


    2012 / 30min x 12eps / TV series / Military, Girls High School Life
    The world has evolved into something different from Japan as we know it. Traditional Japanese girls are expected to have "tank skills" as well as flower arrangement and tea ceremony skills, and every school has a "tank club". The girls weave a hearty tank action story!
    © GIRLS und PANZER Projekt

  • The Life of Budori Gusuko

    2012 / 108min / HD / Theatrical Animation / drama, fantasy
    The crew who created the masterpiece, ”The Night on the Galactic Railroad“, presents to all generations a feature-length fantasy of love and courage. Faced with the harshness of nature, Budori wishes to do something for others and gradually realizes there are things he can do.
    © 2012 “A Biography of Gusuko Budori”the Movie Production Committee / Hiroshi Masumura


    2012 / 30min x 13eps / TV series / High school girls, music
    A new TV animation has been created by P.A. Works, an animation studio which has produced TV animations such as “true tears”, “Angel Beasts!” and “Hanasaku Iroha. The curtain rises for a story that depicts a new theme with rich emotions, from the studio with a reputation for youthful ensemble work.
    © tari tari project

  • Arcana Famiglia

    2012 / 30min x 12eps / TV series / Fantasy, romance, action
    To protect a small island in the Mediterranean from pirates and any other evil, "Arcana Famiglia", an organization with mysterious power, takes the lead. They are good hearted, and well-known on the island, although there is something a little strange about them…
    © 2012 HuneX / Arcana Famiglia Partners

  • The AESTHETICA of a Rogue Hero

    2012 / 30min x 12eps / TV series / Fantasy, erotic action
    The main character is a hero in a parallel world but how would he readjust upon returning to the real world? The aftermath of a hero is portrayed in this sexual harassment (?) school fantasy.
    © 2012 Tetsuto Uesu/ Hobby JAPAN / The AESTHETICA of a Rogue Hero PARTNERS


    April 2012 / TV series / 30min x 25eps / SF, drama
    A mysterious entity appears out of the blue and starts merciless attacks on the island for Scab Coral which has appeared on an island of Japan. To save the island, Ao starts up the military FP loaded on a Japanese troop transport ship, which is in fact a humanoid IFO called Nirvash.
    © 2012 BONES / Project EUREKA AO ・ MBS

  • BEYOND THE WORLD .hack//The Movie 3D

    2012 / Theatrical / 111min / Digital 3D/5.1ch / Color / SF Adventure
    In 2024, a virtual game “THE WORLD” is getting worldwide popularity. One day an incident in the game begins to affect the real world, and one girl stands up to save the real and virtual worlds.
    © .hack Conglomerate

  • Waiting In The Summer

    2012 / TV series / 30minx12eps / Fantasy Love Story
    Kaito, a first-year high school student, encounters a beautiful, mysterious girl, but she was a visitor from outer space. Their encounter and separation is portrayed in this fantasy love story.
    © I*Chi*Ka/Natsumachi Project

  • Detective Opera Milky Holmes

    2012 / TV series / 1st series: 30min x 12eps, 2nd series: 30min x 12eps, OVA: 30min / Detective, Mystery, Comedy
    The Milky Holmes girls are the idols of their detective school. But on a stormy night, the four Milky Holmes girls lose their power during the battle against "Gentlemen Thieves", and their fate changes drastically.
    © bushiroad/ Project MILKY HOLMES