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Nightmare Resort

College student Sakura Uchida (Rokka Ihara) is shy and has trouble fitting in with her class. Her childhood friend and fellow student Satoshi Manaka (Taiyu Fujiwara) thinks that a change of scenery is just what she needs to feel better, and along with another childhood friend, Nozomi Hanamura(Shiori Akita), he invites her to come work a part-time job at a resort inn on an island.
The inn is normally run by a husband-and-wife couple, along with a part-timer named Iwasaki. But the husband, Kensuke, (Mamoru Tsubouchi), hurt his leg, and hired the three as extra help. Tourist season has yet to begin, and the three of them are able to have plenty of time to enjoy the resort. Sakura gradually begins to relax and recover from her depression. But then one night, she sees the wife, Makiko (Hinako Saeki) secretly carrying food down the hallway in the middle of the night, and she feels a strange sense of unease.Several days later at breakfast, Iwasaki, the part-timer, suggests that the three of them try searching for the secret door that exists somewhere in the inn.This invitation is the beginning of a terror from which there is no coming back…


Rikka Ihara
Taiyu Fujiwara
Shiori Akita


Jiro Nagae


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2023/ Length: TBA/Horror/ Release Date: Oct 2023