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Terror World: KOWASUGI!

Kudo is a director at a film production company that’s on the verge of bankruptcy after the coronavirus lockdowns. Then one day, someone sends him a video. The video was filmed by three people who are exploring an abandoned building. They find what looks like an altar, and one of them kicks it over… only to hear what sounds like a crying baby. They sense a presence and turn to look at it, and see a woman covered in what looks like red blood, standing and glaring at them.
Kudo sees this as his chance to turn his career around, and decides to make a movie out of the video. He calls his old co-worker Ichikawa and heads to the abandoned building with a spirit medium, and the people who made the original video, in tow…


Shigeo Oosakoi
Chika Kuboyama
Akari Fukunaga


Koji Shiraishi


(c)2023 “Terror World: KOWASUGI!” Production Committee


2023/ Length: 86min/Horror/ Release Date: Sep 2023