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Hakuhodo DY MapHakuhodo DY Map

Otherside Picnic

An other-world action horror story about a beautiful girl and an otaku girl who go on an adventure to save their missing friend. The other world is like our own, but everything is in ruins. The world is filled with creatures and monsters from urban legends popularized by the website “2-channel”. As the two of them travel between our world and the other world, they gain the power of “eyes” to see what the creatures that live there really are, and “hands” to let them grab them. With their smarts, courage, and guns, and sometimes the help of the United States military, they defeat the monsters and search for their missing friend. But then they realize that the monsters are threatening to invade their own world…


©Iori Miyazawa, Hayakawa Publishing Corporation/Otherside Picnic Project


Release: January 2021/TV series/ Fantasy, Action, Horror