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Hakuhodo DY MapHakuhodo DY Map

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

Cherry is a quiet boy who loves to make haikus based off of the things he sees. One summer day in a city in the Japanese countryside…
At a shopping mall, he meets Smile, a beautiful girl in a mask. Cherry has trouble speaking in anything but haikus, and Smile wears a mask to hide her big, braces-covered front teeth. The two of them get closer as the south wind blows. One day, the two of them learn from Old Man Fujiyama, a master of Haiku who’s started going senile, that he’s searching for a certain record.
“If I can hear this record again, I can remember… Something I don’t want to forget, but can’t remember…”
Cherry and Smile decide to help. This is the story of their summer, set in a shopping mall…


©2020FlyingDog/Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop Project


2020/Length:TBA/Drama, Romance, Theatrical animation/Release Date:TBA