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Hakuhodo DY MapHakuhodo DY Map

TIGER: My Life as a Cat

Failed manga artist Suzuo Takahata spends his days getting drunk and gambling. One day, he’s overjoyed to get a big win in pachinko, only to fall off a bridge on the way home and die. He dies before he’s ready, and before he’s even announced his next book, and before he’s taught anyone anything, leaving behind a wife and daughter. When Suzuo wakes up, he finds himself at a gate. There the dead are interviewed and their next life is decided. The judge is astonished at what a loser Suzuo is. His sentence: Reborn as a cat and returns to his wife Natsuko and daughter Miyu…


©Mina Itaba /SHUEISHA, 2019 “TORASAN” Production Committee


2019/ Length: 91min/ Drama/ Release: 2019 February 15th