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Hakuhodo DY MapHakuhodo DY Map

Bloody Chainsaw Girl Returns: Revenge of Nero
Bloody Chainsaw Girl Returns: Geeko Awakens

Giko Nokomura is a female student at Uguisu school, who carries around her very own chainsaw. One day she begins to be attacked by modified corpses created by one of her classmates, Nero Aoi. She tears her way through the corpses and busts into Nero’s hideout. Why is Nero so intent on attacking Giko?! The reason will shock you! After her battle with Nero, she encounters a new enemy. It’s the leader of the Uguisu school Student Council Guardians, Nemesis. Giko is in greater danger than she’s ever been before!


©2019ReiMikamoto,PUBLISHED BY KADOKAWA CORPORATION/VAP all rights reserved.


2019/ Length: 52+54min / Action, Violence/ Release: 2019 February 22nd