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Hakuhodo DY MapHakuhodo DY Map


College girls Ryoko and Akane are on their way back from a hike when they get lost in the mountains. They finally make it to a bus stop, but there’s no sign of a bus coming. To make matters worse, Ryoko’s leg is hurt, and Akane’s boyfriend is at a party and can’t come to get them. The two decide that if they want to make it back, they’ll have to hitchhike. At first it seems hopeless to find someone who’ll give them a ride this deep in the mountains, but fortunately, an RV stops for them.
A man dressed as a cowboy gets out of the RV and introduces himself as George. He gladly offers to give them a ride. Inside the RV, they find that George’s family is traveling with him. But something seems strange…
Meanwhile, Ken, a boy who’s sick of his overprotective parents, is also hitchhiking through the same mountain with his buddy Kazunari…


“Takato Ookura (“”Red Bridge””)
Shuri Nakamura (“”Around the Edge of the Stand””)
Yoshihiko Hosoda (“”ULTRAMAN X THE MOVIE””)


Masafumi Yamada


©2023 “Hitchhike” partners


2023/ Length: 74min/ Horror/ Release Date: Jul 2023