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Hakuhodo DY MapHakuhodo DY Map

Under the Stars

Chihiro is a middle school kid who’s naive and a little reckless, but lives life to the fullest. She’s got a busy life too, with lots to do like falling in love with her new hottie teacher, Mr. Minami (who she calls an Asian Edward Furlong). And her sister’s run away from home and won’t come back, too… But her friends at school are kind and nice to her, and that’s what matters, right? There’s just one problem though: her parents have joined a shady cult that they claim “miraculously” healed her illness. Her best friend Nabe asks her, “Do you believe in that stuff?” “I don’t know. But I haven’t gotten sick in forever!” she says. For the first time in her young life, Chihiro begins to doubt her parents and the world she lives in…

Original Title

(Hoshi no Ko)


Mana Ashida (“Pacific Rim”, “Mother”/TV series)


Tatsushi Oomori (“Every Day a Good Day”)


© 2020″Under the Stars” Production Committee


2020/ Length 110min/Drama, Family/ Release Date: October 2020