Hakuhodo DY MapHakuhodo DY Map

Hakuhodo DY MapHakuhodo DY Map

Horse Thieves

One morning, a man goes to a town market to sell his horses with the other villagers. After exchanging affectionate glances with his wife and leaving his children, the man goes to the market and is killed by horse thieves. The wife holds the man’s funeral and decides to return to her family with her kids. Then, another man who left her 8 years ago without leaving any notes appears and helps the woman move. Somehow, the son of the wife resembles the man. They go out on horseback together and bump into the horse thieves.


©Horse Thieves Production Committee


2020/ 81min/ Drama/ Release:January 18th, 2020
Available in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea and Mongolia