Hakuhodo DY MapHakuhodo DY Map

Hakuhodo DY MapHakuhodo DY Map

Eternal New Mornings

A “story about facing life” set in Miyagi prefecture, 10 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

A former musician who lost her boyfriend in an accident.
A pro boxer who keeps fighting even after the age of 30 and his wife.
A woman fighting terminal cancer, who wants to stay alive as long as she can to attend her daughter’s wedding.
Young stage actors who play out the “story of a soul”, while feeling nervous about their future.
And lastly, a middle school girl who lost family members in a disaster and now has thoughts of suicide.

Each of the characters has a different problem to deal with, but all of them are stories about facing life.
A story about living and surviving, and a future that will resonate with viewers everywhere.

Original Title



Nanami Sakuraba(”THE LAST RONIN”)
Satomi Tezuka(”April Bride”)


Toru Yamamoto




2023/ Length: 132 minutes/Drama/ Release Date: March 2023