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Hakuhodo DY MapHakuhodo DY Map

Worlds Apart

The story of two women who find themselves living together: a shy writer named Makio Kodai (Age 35), and her niece, Asa Takumi (Age 15).

It all starts at the funeral for Asa’s parents, who died in a car accident. When Makio hears her relatives callously arguing over who’ll be forced to take the now-orphaned Asa in, she explodes with anger and says she’ll take the girl in herself.
But the shy Makio quickly has second thoughts about living with another person, and Asa starts to get worried. Living together naturally causes each of them to touch the unhealed wounds inside each other, and as time goes on they begin to face the scars from their past.

It shows us a form of kindness that the world needs right now.


Yui Aragaki
Ikoi Hayase
Rina Komiyama
Shota Sometani
Koji Seto


Natsuki Seta


Ⓒ2024 TomokoYamashita,SHODENSHA Publishing Co.,Ltd./ “Worlds Apart” Film Partners


2024/ Length: TBA/ Drama/ Release date: Jun 2024