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Ningen Fushin: Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save the World

One day, veteran adventurer Nick is kicked out of his party by its leader, a man he looked up to like a father. He’d been taking care of his slovenly companions, offering them help with both money and knowledge, but still, he was accused of stealing from the party.

His girlfriend dumps him too, and with nothing left to live for, he gets addicted to his favorite idol (bard) and uses up all his savings.

He decides to become an adventurer again to make money. He goes to a bar where he meets a former noblewoman, a defrocked priest, and a female dragoon, and they quickly become friends.

The three of them were also betrayed by someone, or are addicted to embarrassing hobbies that have drained their savings. The former noblewoman is a gambler, the priest loves cabaret clubs, and the dragoon is a foodie. All of them are adventuring to make money.

Nick decides that if none of them can trust anyone, they’ll make a perfect team working together, and forms a party with them to adventure once more.

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Release:January 2023/TV series/Fantasy, Adventure