Hakuhodo DY MapHakuhodo DY Map

Hakuhodo DY MapHakuhodo DY Map

Scar On The Praeter

Tokyo. The Akatsuki Special District. This newly created special economic zone was fully controlled by the gigantic Sakishima Holdings conglomerate. Attempts by rival corporations to take advantage of the tax advantages and other regulatory benefits within the zone lead to the massive “Akatsuki Conflict”. The area’s government collapsed, and Sakishima Holdings was dissolved, The special zone became a lawless area where no one ruled.
But there were those who rose to protect it.
Men who carried the “Divine Tattoos”, which sealed raging divine beasts. These men, known as the Scard, each had a special power, and strong enough defensive strength to reflect a bullet or shatter a blade that touched their body.
The bearers of these tattoos made good use of their powers, forming different teams: Helios, the protectors of the city. Artemis, protectors of their organization. And the “Public Safety Special Division”, which protected law and order.
As small-scale gang wars continue to break out every day, they each try to pursue their own sense of justice.
This is the story of their everyday life within this raging turmoil.


©GoHands,Frontier Works/Praeter-Project


Release: January 2021/TV series/ Action, Drama