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Hakuhodo DY MapHakuhodo DY Map

My Girlfriend is a Serial Killer

Kurosu is a depressed student who flunked his university entrance exams, quit his prep school, and stopped leaving his apartment. He tries to hang himself on a hook on the apartment wall, but fails. When the hook snaps, it opens a hole in the wall. When he looks through it, he sees the apartment of his pretty next-door neighbor, Miyauchi. From that day on, his life begins to revolve around peeping through that hole, and he becomes more and more obsessed with Miyauchi. But one day, he sees her brutally murdering someone in the room, and he screams. When she catches him peeping, Kurosu tells her he loves her. He thinks she’ll kill him, but instead, he ends up dating her!
He starts a new job, goes on dates, eats the home-cooked meals she makes for him… It’s the happiest he’s ever been in his life. But even in the middle of their dates, Miyauchi is still killing people…
Will he be her next victim? What will become of Kurosu?!


©L・K/”My Girlfriend is a Serial Killer” Production Committee


2019/ 103min/ Splatter,Romance,Comedy/ Release:November 29th,2019